Games Made With Arcade

Here are some sample games made with Arcade. Have a game you’d like to share here? E-mail

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Temporum, by DragonMoffon

SOL Defender

SOL Defender, by DragonMoffon

Binary Defense

Binary Defense by KommentatorForAll

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Ready or Not?

Ready or Not? a local multiplayer action RPG by Akash S Panickar.

Age of Divisiveness

Age of Divisiveness by Patryk Majewski, Krzysztof Szymaniak, Gabriel Wechta, Błażej Wróbel

Multiplayer LAN game with strong Civilization I and old Settlers vibe! Very extensive.


Fishy Game by LiorAvrahami


Adventure GitHub

Transcience Animation

Transcience Animation

Stellar Arena Demo

Stellar Arena Demo

Battle Bros

Battle Bros Mortal Kombat style game.

Rabbit Herder

Rabbit Herder, use carrots and potions to herd a rabbit through a maze.

The Great Skeleton War

The Great Skeleton War, an intense tower defense game, where there’s always something new to discover.

Python Knife Hit




Kayzee Game

lixingqiu Games


An Eight planet simulation


Midway Island War


Angry Bird



Space Typer


Space Typer - A typing game

FlapPy Bird

FlapPy-Bird - A bird-game clone.



PyOverheadGame, a 2D overhead game where you go through several rooms and pick up keys and other objects.



Dungeon, explore a maze picking up arrows and coins.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds, a castle adventure with a dungeon and caverns underneath it.

Simpson College Spring 2017 CMSC 150 Course

These games were created by first-semester programming students.