Enhancement List

This is a list of possible enhancements opened in GitHub, but not being actively worked on. These are all good ideas. If you are thinking of helping the Arcade library by working on one of these, please re-open the issue.


  • Issue 283 Add ability to draw overlapping polygons with same transparency.

  • Issue 421 Add support for drawing rounded rectangles.

  • Issue 433 Add support for bitmapped fonts.

  • Issue 595 Optimize drawing functions by caching them

  • Add support for Pyglet’s ImageMouseCursors


  • Explore using frame buffers to create windows


  • Issue 291 Load a spritesheet with a texture_region map.

  • Issue 377 Support basic sprite animations like rotate, flicker, disappear, etc.

  • Issue 380 Add ability to specify a point the sprite rotates around.

  • Issue 419 Create function to get sprites at a particular point.

  • Issue 498 Add lighting effects.

  • Add bloom effects.

  • Issue 523 Add sprite trigger/example for on_enter / on_exit.

  • Issue 289 Be able to get Sprite position and velocity as vectors.

  • Be able to load an animated gif as an animated time-based sprite.

  • Be able to load an Aesprite image directly (Piggy-back of Pyglet support)

Physics Engine

  • Issue 499 Create PyMunk + TMX example.

  • Issue 500 Show ‘rope’ effect.

  • Issue 524 Add example for “push back”.

  • Create a simplified front-end to the PyMunk physics engine

Event Processing


  • Issue 452 Documentation Request - explain how delta_time works to help learners fully understand both how and why.


  • Issue 345 Create example showing how to manage multiple windows.

  • Issue 397 Add example code showing how to do parallax.

  • Issue 446 Add more procedural generation examples.

  • Issue 464 Add example for checkers-like game.

This enhancement is not currently in process. Please re-open if you’d like to work on it. A full list of desired enhancements is available at: