Source code for arcade.perf_info

Utility functions to keep performance information
import collections
from typing import Dict

import pyglet
import time

# Evil globals
_timings: Dict = {}
_pyglets_dispatch_event = None
_frame_times: collections.deque = collections.deque()
_max_history: int = 100

def _dispatch_event(self, *args):
    Dispatch event function that will be monkey-patched over Pyglet's dispatch event function.
    # Name of the dispatched event, like 'on_draw'
    name = args[0]

    # Start the clock, and keep the time if this is on_draw for FPS calcs.
    start_time = time.perf_counter()
    if name == 'on_draw':

    # Call Pyglet's dispatch event function
    _pyglets_dispatch_event(self, *args)

    # Stop the clock
    end_time = time.perf_counter()
    processing_time = end_time - start_time

    # Get the historical list of timings, or create one if we don't have it.
    if name in _timings:
        data = _timings[name]
        data = collections.deque()
        _timings[name] = data

    # Add out time to the list

    # Past out history limit? Pop off the first one on the list
    if len(data) > _max_history:

[docs]def clear_timings(): """ Clear the dispatch event timing table created after :func:`arcade.enable_timings` is called. """ global _timings _timings = {}
[docs]def get_timings() -> Dict: """ Get a table with the dispatch event timings. """ return _timings
[docs]def enable_timings(max_history: int = 100): """ Enable the saving of performance information. """ global _pyglets_dispatch_event, _max_history if _pyglets_dispatch_event is not None: raise ValueError("Timings already enabled.") _pyglets_dispatch_event = pyglet.window.BaseWindow.dispatch_event pyglet.window.BaseWindow.dispatch_event = _dispatch_event _max_history = max_history
[docs]def disable_timings(): """ Turn off the collection of timing information started by :func:`arcade.enable_timings`. """ global _pyglets_dispatch_event if _pyglets_dispatch_event is None: raise ValueError("Timings are not enabled.") # Restore the original pyglet dispatch event function pyglet.window.BaseWindow.dispatch_event = _dispatch_event _pyglets_dispatch_event = None clear_timings()
[docs]def get_fps(frame_count: int = 60) -> float: """ Get the current FPS. :func:`arcade.enable_timings` must be called before getting the FPS. :param int frame_count: How many frames to look at to get FPS. So 30, would give you average FPS over the last 30 frames. """ cur_time = time.perf_counter() if len(_frame_times) == 0: return 0 if len(_frame_times) < frame_count: frame_count = len(_frame_times) start_time = _frame_times[-frame_count] total_time = cur_time - start_time fps = frame_count / total_time return fps
[docs]def timings_enabled(): """ Return true if timings are enabled, false otherwise. See :func:`arcade.enable_timings`. """ return _pyglets_dispatch_event is not None