Installation on Linux

Ubuntu Instructions

The Arcade library is Python 3.6+ only. Most versions of Linux come with Python 2.x. You’ll need to install Python 3 and use it instead of the built-in Python 2.x. (Usually on Linux and Mac, you can type python3 instead of python once installed. Same with pip3 instead of pip to install packages to Python 3.x)

Install Python 3 and some image dependencies:

apt update && sudo apt install -y python3-dev python3-pip libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev

Check that you have at least Python 3.6 with:

python3 -V

You need at least version 3.6. If you have that, you should be ready to install Arcade:

sudo pip3 install arcade

Raspberry Pi Instructions

Arcade required OpenGL graphics 3.3 or higher. Unfortunately the Raspberry Pi does not support this, Arcade can not run on the Raspberry Pi.