Installation for Obsolete Python Versions#

Arcade aims to support the same Python versions currently supported by the PSF. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to one of these if at all possible.

If you absolutely cannot upgrade to Python 3.7 or later, you can try using an older and unsupported version of Arcade.

Please remember the following:

  1. Bugs will not be fixed, unless they are also present in current versions

  2. The features and API may be very different from current versions

  3. You will need use documentation for the version of Arcade you run

The pairings suggested below might not work. They are based on briefly skimming git history. You may have to use trial and error to look for a version that works, and it’s possible that you won’t find one! Here be dragons!

Obsolete Python Version

Suggested Arcade Version

Git Commit Hash







You can attempt to install these versions via the command line through pip, or by installing from source from github. Check the tags on Arcade’s github page for additional commit IDs.