Source code for arcade.gui.constructs

Constructs, are prepared widget combinations, you can use for common use-cases
import arcade
from arcade.gui.mixins import UIMouseFilterMixin
from arcade.gui.widgets import UILayout, UIAnchorWidget, UITextArea, UIFlatButton, UIBoxLayout

[docs]class UIMessageBox(UIMouseFilterMixin, UIAnchorWidget): """ A simple dialog box that pops up a message with buttons to close. :param width: Width of the message box :param height: Height of the message box :param message_text: :param buttons: List of strings, which are shown as buttons :param callback: Callback function, will receive the text of the clicked button """ def __init__(self, *, width: float, height: float, message_text: str, buttons=("Ok",), callback=None): space = 10 self._text_area = UITextArea(text=message_text, width=width - space, height=height - space, text_color=arcade.color.BLACK) button_group = UIBoxLayout(vertical=False) for button_text in buttons: button = UIFlatButton(text=button_text) button_group.add(button.with_space_around(left=10)) button.on_click = self.on_ok # type: ignore self._bg_tex = arcade.load_texture(":resources:gui_basic_assets/window/grey_panel.png") self._callback = callback # type: ignore group = UILayout(width=width, height=height, children=[ UIAnchorWidget(child=self._text_area, anchor_x="left", anchor_y="top", align_x=10, align_y=-10), UIAnchorWidget(child=button_group, anchor_x="right", anchor_y="bottom", align_x=-10, align_y=10) ]).with_background(self._bg_tex) super().__init__(child=group) def on_ok(self, event): self.parent.remove(self) if self._callback is not None: self._callback(event.source.text)