Release Checklist

  1. Check for updated libraries, and if we need to pin a more recent version.

  2. Run ruff arcade

  3. Run mypy arcade

  4. In docs folder, type make clean then make html and confirm no warnings/errors.

  5. Run unit tests in tests folder.

  6. Run tests/test_examples/

  7. Make sure arcade/examples/ is playable.

  8. Make sure arcade/examples/platform_tutorial/ is playable.

  9. Update version number in arcade/

  10. Update Release Notes with release dates and any additional info needed.

  11. Make sure last check-in ran clean on github actions, viewable on Discord

  12. Merge development branch into maintenance.

  13. Add label to release

  14. Push code. Check for clean compile on github.

  15. Type make clean

  16. Type make dist

  17. Type make deploy_pypi

  18. Confirm release notes appear on website.

  19. Announce on Arcade Discord, Python Discord, Reddit Python Arcade, etc.