Installation on Mac#

Go to the Python website and download Python.


Then install it:


Download and install PyCharm. The community edition is free, and WAY better than IDLE.

Download the zip file (or use git) for the Arcade template file.


After you’ve downloaded it, open up the zip file, and pull out the template folder to your desktop or wherever you’d like to save it. Then rename it to your project name.

Start PyCharm, and select File…Open and select the folder you just created.

When creating opening the new project, create a virtual environment like so:


If that doesn’t work, (sometimes PyCharm seems to ignore that, or maybe that step got skipped) go into PyCharm…settings, then “Project interpreter” on the right side, click the easy-to-miss gear icon and “Add”


…Then set it like so:


You should get a warning at the top of the screen that ‘arcade’ is not installed. Go ahead and install it. Then try running the starting template.

Sound Support#

Support for .ogg Ogg Vorbis files and mp3 files can be added via HomeBrew with:

brew install ffmpeg