Source code for arcade.gui.widgets.toggle

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import Optional

from PIL import ImageEnhance

from arcade import Texture
from import UIOnClickEvent, UIOnChangeEvent
from import Property, bind
from arcade.gui.surface import Surface
from arcade.gui.widgets import UIInteractiveWidget

[docs] class UITextureToggle(UIInteractiveWidget): """ A toggel button switching between on (True) and off (False) state. on_texture and off_texture are required. """ # Experimental ui class value: bool = Property(False) # type: ignore def __init__( self, *, x: float = 0, y: float = 0, width: float = 100, height: float = 50, on_texture: Optional[Texture] = None, off_texture: Optional[Texture] = None, value=False, size_hint=None, size_hint_min=None, size_hint_max=None, **kwargs, ): # Generate hover and pressed texture by changing the brightness if on_texture is None: raise ValueError("You have to provide a `on_texture`") self.normal_on_tex = on_texture enhancer = ImageEnhance.Brightness(self.normal_on_tex.image) self.hover_on_tex = Texture( enhancer.enhance(1.5), name=self.normal_on_tex.cache_name + "_brighter", ) self.pressed_on_tex = Texture( enhancer.enhance(0.5), name=self.normal_on_tex.cache_name + "_darker", ) if off_texture is None: raise ValueError("You have to provide a `off_texture`") self.normal_off_tex = off_texture enhancer = ImageEnhance.Brightness(self.normal_off_tex.image) self.hover_off_tex = Texture( enhancer.enhance(1.5), name=self.normal_off_tex.cache_name + "_brighter", ) self.pressed_off_tex = Texture( enhancer.enhance(0.5), name=self.normal_off_tex.cache_name + "_darker", ) self.value = value self.register_event_type("on_change") bind(self, "value", self.trigger_render) bind(self, "value", self._dispatch_on_change_event) super().__init__( x=x, y=y, width=width, height=height, size_hint=size_hint, size_hint_min=size_hint_min, size_hint_max=size_hint_max, **kwargs, ) def _dispatch_on_change_event(self): self.dispatch_event( "on_change", UIOnChangeEvent(self, not self.value, self.value) )
[docs] def on_click(self, event: UIOnClickEvent): self.value = not self.value
[docs] def do_render(self, surface: Surface): self.prepare_render(surface) tex = self.normal_on_tex if self.value else self.normal_off_tex if self.pressed: tex = self.pressed_on_tex if self.value else self.pressed_off_tex elif self.hovered: tex = self.hover_on_tex if self.value else self.hover_off_tex surface.draw_texture(0, 0, self.content_width, self.content_height, tex)
[docs] def on_change(self, event: UIOnChangeEvent): pass